Using Backup Exec with Veritas Cluster Server

If you use Veritas Cluster Server (VCS), there are three possible options for integrating with Backup Exec. The first option consists of managed media servers installed on each of the VCS nodes and a central administration server. You can install the central administration server on any of the nodes or on a system that is not a VCS node. However, the central administration server must be in the same domain as the VCS nodes.

Selections for backup are made on the central administration server, and then based on the backup selections of clustered resources, the central administration server sends the job to the managed media server on which the clustered resource is currently active. The central administration server attempts to balance backup jobs of clustered resources so that the job is run as a local job. If a failover occurs, backup jobs that were running are rescheduled and then the central administration server restarts the job on the new active node for the failed resource.

The second option is to cluster the Backup Exec application using Veritas Cluster Server, thereby making it highly available. A wizard is provided to guide you through the configuration process.

The third option involves installing the Backup Exec Remote Agent on each of the VCS nodes. The standalone media server can then be installed on any of the nodes or outside of the cluster. In this environment, backup jobs for clustered resources are completed remotely.

Specific details of how Backup Exec runs in a cluster vary depending on the configuration you use in the cluster.

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