Adding a data source

You can add the following items to the list of available data sources that hold the end user ‘s files and email:

  • Backup Exec media server on which the Archiving Option is installed

  • Continuous Protection Servers

  • Desktop and Laptop Option servers

  • Backup Exec System Recovery Manager servers

You must have local administrator rights to add, edit, or delete data sources from Backup Exec Retrieve.

See About configuring Backup Exec Retrieve.

To add a data source

  1. Log on to the Backup Exec Retrieve Web server as a local administrator.

  2. On the Windows Start menu, click All Programs > Symantec Backup Exec Retrieve > Backup Exec Retrieve Configuration Console.

  3. In the Symantec Backup Exec Retrieve Configuration dialog box, click Add.

  4. Set the Add Data Source options.

    See Add or edit data source options.

  5. Click OK.

Adding a data source