About Backup Exec diagnostic tools

The following diagnostic tools help to troubleshoot issues in Backup Exec:

Table: Backup Exec diagnostic tools



Backup Exec Support Tool

Scans the local computer and generates a report about common issues in your Backup Exec environment.

See About the Symantec Backup Exec Support Tool.

Backup Exec diagnostic application

Gathers the pertinent information about a Windows computer for troubleshooting.

See About the Backup Exec diagnostic application.

Symantec Gather Utility

Creates and compiles a compressed file that contains the system log files.

See How to use the Symantec Gather Utility for troubleshooting.

Gather utility for Linux servers

Creates and compiles a Packet file. The file contains detailed information about installation, diagnostics, and error reports.

See Running the begather utility to troubleshoot Backup Exec components on Linux servers.

Backup Exec Debug Monitor

Captures the debug output from Backup Exec and saves it into debug logs.

See Using the Backup Exec Debug Monitor for troubleshooting.

Backup Exec debug tool

Generates the diagnostic information about the Backup Exec processes that shut down unexpectedly.

See About the Backup Exec debug tool.

About Backup Exec diagnostic tools