About using the Storage Array Configuration Wizard

The Storage Provisioning Option provides the Storage Array Configuration Wizard to help you configure virtual disks in a storage array.

With the Storage Array Configuration Wizard, you can:

  • Specify a virtual disk size, and then let the storage array automatically choose the physical disks for the virtual disk’s disk group.

    With this option, the storage array attempts to spread the required disk space for the virtual disk equally across each physical disk it selects.

    When you specify a virtual disk size, the Storage Array Configuration Wizard presents you with the total amount of disk space available to create a virtual disk. The total available disk space is derived from the physical disks that are present. You can use the entire space to create one virtual disk, or you can specify smaller amounts of space and create multiple virtual disks. Each virtual disk you create is based on the amount of disk space you enter. To create multiple virtual disks, run the wizard multiple times, until you have the virtual disks you want, or until you exhaust the disk space.

  • Create a disk group by manually selecting the physical disks, from which you can then choose the number of virtual disks to create.

    With this option, the Storage Array Configuration Wizard lets you customize the entire virtual disk creation process on the storage array.

  • Configure hot spares.

    You can also use this wizard to add or change hot spares for the disk groups that are already configured.

In addition, you can also use the Storage Array Configuration Wizard to configure a virtual disk as a deduplication storage folder. Deduplication reduces the disk storage and the network bandwidth that is used for backups by storing and sending only unique data.


Deduplication may not be available for the storage array if a deduplication storage folder presently exists on the media server. Only one deduplication storage folder per media server is supported. You can delete the existing deduplication storage folder and then rerun the Storage Array Configuration Wizard to enable deduplication on the storage array.

When the wizard completes, it runs a utility job named Configure Storage Array. This utility job creates the virtual disks that you specified. Then, Backup Exec adds the virtual disks to a device pool named All Virtual Disks. You can submit jobs to the All Virtual Disks device pool, to the storage array, or to a specific virtual disk.

See About deduplication storage folders.

See Requirements for the Deduplication Option.

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About using the Storage Array Configuration Wizard