How to monitor drives in the SAN Shared Storage Option

When you select Devices from the navigation bar, you can view all the physical drives attached to your server, as well as the logical groups they are associated with. All the logical groupings of the physical drives are displayed under Drive Pools as well as all devices locally attached (by SCSI, SATA, SAS, USB, or ATAPI) to all servers on the SAN and the secondary storage units accessed through the SAN.

Expanding the view for All Devices allows you to view all of the storage devices on the SAN. Robotic libraries are listed below each server that has access to that robotic library, even if the robotic library is not directly connected to the server.

You can also run the Device Summary report to monitor drives in the SAN Shared Storage Option.

You can view drive properties for shared devices.

See Viewing storage device properties.

With shared devices, the Write single block mode and Write SCSI pass-through mode options are selected by default. Selecting these options decreases the chances of dropping critical blocks of data and provides more detailed information when write errors occur. These options are required for FC-connected tape drives.

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How to monitor drives in the SAN Shared Storage Option