About sharing media in the SAN Shared Storage Option

The Backup Exec media servers can share media within the shared storage devices, but not simultaneously. For example, media server A can write a backup to a media, and when that job is finished, media server B can append another backup to the same media. Or, if overwrite protection is not enabled, media server B may overwrite that media.

Media sets are not server-centric. In the shared storage environment, all users have a view of all media and media sets. Each media set can contain media in the shared devices and media in any local devices attached to servers.


The default media overwrite protection is not server-centric; this option is set in the shared ADAMM database and affects all media, including media in locally attached devices. For example, if media overwrite protection is set to None by one server, all media in the shared storage environment – including media in other servers’ locally attached devices – are immediately available for overwriting.

Media stored in locally-attached secondary storage devices are not accessible by other media servers.

About sharing media in the SAN Shared Storage Option