About devices in the SAN Shared Storage Option

At startup, Backup Exec recognizes all local storage devices as well as the storage devices on the SAN. If you do not see one or more of your attached storage devices or if the shared storage devices do not appear when Devices is selected from the navigation bar, use the Tape Device Configuration Wizard. This wizard guides you through installing the appropriate drivers for the storage hardware connected to your system.

See About configuring tape devices by using the Tape Device Configuration Wizard.

You can also view a list of the devices Backup Exec recognizes in the ADAMM.log file. The default path for the ADAMM.log file is \Program Files\Symantec\Backup Exec\Logs.

Storage devices are categorized as either robotic libraries or stand-alone drives. The Library Expansion Option is required to support robotic libraries with multiple tape drives.

See About the Library Expansion Option .

See Viewing license information.

If you need to add a new device to the SAN after you install Backup Exec, follow your storage network vendor’s instructions. After you add the new device, reboot the primary server that contains the ADAMM database to verify that the new device is recognized. The new device may appear offline in the Devices view until the device discovery process completes. You should reboot the other media servers according to your storage network vendor’s instructions. Some vendors do not support booting multiple servers concurrently or booting any server while active jobs are running.

Backup Exec’s device management feature provides the following functionality for the secondary storage units on a SAN:

  • Device allocation. Jobs must first reserve the shared secondary backup devices before they can be used. The job that gains a reservation on a drive keeps it reserved while the drive is in use. The drive is released after a job completes, which allows other jobs to compete for it.

  • Drive pools. You can assign the drives to drive pools in which one or more drives are combined as a backup target. Jobs submitted to a particular drive pool run on the first available drive in that pool. You can also submit a job to a selected individual drive in the drive pool.

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