Remote Media Agent properties

You can view properties for the Remote Media Agent for Linux Servers.

See Editing properties for the Remote Media Agent for Linux Servers .

The following table lists the Remote Media Agent properties:

Table: Remote Media Agent properties




Displays the name, IP address, or fully qualified domain name of the Remote Media Agent.


Displays the port that is used for communications between the media server and the Remote Media Agent.

Media server status

Displays the status of the media server. Media server status includes Online, Pause, Unavailable, and Offline.


Displays a description of the Remote Media Agent. You can edit this description.

Enable ICMP ping operations for Backup Exec to detect the Remote Media Agent

Lets Backup Exec communicate with the Remote Media Agent. You can turn off this option in environments where ping requests are blocked.

This option is enabled by default.

Host ID

Displays the identifier number that the Remote Media Agent generates.

System version

Displays the version of the operating system that runs on the Remote Media Agent.

Logon account

Indicates the logon account for the Remote Media Agent. Click Change to select or create another logon account.

Remote Media Agent properties