Database access options for the Remote Agent Utility

You can set the following database access options for the Remote Agent Utility.

See Configuring database access.

Table: Remote Agent Utility database access options



Enable media server authentication for Oracle and DB2 operations

Specifies the credentials that the media server will use for all operations on the Oracle and DB2 servers, including DBA-initiated operations. The media server also uses these credentials for authentication of the Oracle and DB2 servers.

You must check this to enable DB2 and Oracle operations between the media server and this computer.

User name

Specifies a user name that has administrative rights to this computer. This logon account is what the media server uses when it connects to this computer.

If you specify an IP address or a fully qualified computer name as part of the user name, the Remote Agent Utility may not be able to verify the user account. If the credentials entered are incorrect, the error “cannot attach to a resource” may be displayed when you run a backup or restore job.

You must add this computer name and logon account to the media server’s list of authentication credentials for Oracle and DB2 servers. If the authentication fails when the Oracle resources are backed up, the backup job fails. If the authentication fails when you are browsing the backup sets for a restore job, then the backup sets become unavailable, and you must run a DBA-initiated restore job to restore data.


Specifies the password for this logon account.


For security reasons, the logon credentials are not stored on the remote computer.

Confirm Password

Specifies the password again to confirm it.

Use a custom port to connect to the media server during Oracle and DB2 operations

Designates the port that is used for communications between this computer and the media server during Oracle or DB2 operations. By default, port 5633 is used.

If you change the port number on this computer, you must also change it on the media server, and then restart the Backup Exec Job Engine Service on the media server.

Port number

Specifies the port number to use for operation requests that are sent to the media server.

Database access options for the Remote Agent Utility