NetWare SMS default options

You can set default options for all backup and restore jobs that use the NetWare Agent.

See Setting default options for the Remote Agent for NetWare Systems .

The following table describes the NetWare SMS default options:

Table: NetWare SMS default options



Display the following servers

Lets you select which servers Backup Exec displays. Backup Exec checks the registry for a list of NetWare servers. If the list does not exist, Backup Exec creates it using the wildcard (*) default. The wildcard lets all servers that are published using the Service Location Protocol (TCP/IP protocol) be seen. Backup Exec displays these servers in this field.


Lets you add a media server to the servers list.

If you add a server name to the list, Backup Exec must be able to resolve the name to a TCP/IP address. If Backup Exec cannot resolve the name to a TCP/IP address, the server name appears in the servers list. However, Backup Exec is unable to connect to it. Backup Exec can resolve the name if the NetWare server names and IP addresses are in your network’s Domain Naming Services (DNS) database. If these names and IP addresses are not in DNS, you must manually add the names and IP addresses to the media server’s HOSTS file. This file usually is found in the \WINDOWS\SYSTEM 32\Drivers\ETC directory.

For these changes to take effect, you must restart the Backup Exec administration console.


Lets you remove a media server from the servers list.

Back up compressed files in decompressed form

Decompresses, or expands, compressed files as they are backed up. If you select this option, the server may run out of memory or disk space. Also, the backup job takes longer due to the extra time that is involved in file decompression.

In most cases, this option should not be selected.

Restore volume restrictions

Restores NetWare volume restrictions. Restoring volume restrictions is not recommended unless you are performing a disaster recovery job.

NetWare SMS default options