NDMP restore options for EMC

When you create a restore job for NDMP, you can select any of the following options.

See Restoring NDMP data.

Table: NDMP restore options for EMC



Enable Direct Access Recovery

Enables Backup Exec to use Direct Access Recovery (DAR) during the restore job. With DAR-enabled recovery, Backup Exec can specify the exact location of a file in a backup data stream. The NDMP server can then read the data applicable to the single file being restored,. This practice reduces the amount of information that is processed and significantly reduces recovery time. If DAR is not available, the restore may take significantly longer.

Preserve tree

Restores the data with its original directory structure intact. This option is enabled by default. If you clear this option, all data in the directories and the subdirectories is restored to the path you specify in the File Redirection dialog box.

See File Redirection restore options .


This option affects the restore of EMC data only. For NetApp/IBM/Fujitsu data, use the Preserve treeoption in the NetApp/IBM/Fujitsu tab. For non-NDMP data, use the Preserve tree option on the General Restore Job Properties dialog box.

See General options for restore jobs.

Restore over existing files

Overwrites files on the target resource that have the same name as files that are being restored. Use this option only when you are sure that you want to restore an older version of a file.

NDMP restore options for EMC