Backing up NDMP resources

Before you back up NDMP resources, review the following information:

  • The NDMP Option does not exclude folders from the backup job if the parent folder is backed up. Instead, all items in the parent folder are backed up, even if you marked items for exclusion from the backup.

  • Backup Exec cannot gather sufficient file and directory information on an NDMP backup to accurately populate the Job Summary and Set Detail Information sections of the job history. Therefore, the number of files, directories, files skipped, corrupt files, and files in use always appears as 0.

  • If your environment includes NAS devices from more than one provider, you must create separate backup jobs for each provider. If you include NAS devices from multiple providers in the same backup job, the job will fail.

To back up NDMP resources

  1. On the navigation bar, click the arrow next to Backup.

  2. Click New Backup Job.

  3. In the Properties pane, under Source, click Selections.

  4. In the backup selections tree, expand either NDMP Servers or User-defined Selections.

    If Backup Exec added the NDMP server to the backup selection list automatically, the NDMP server appears under NDMP Servers. If you added the NDMP server to the backup selection list manually, the NDMP server appears under User-defined Selections.

  5. Select the NDMP resource you want to back up.

    You may be prompted to select or create a logon account for this resource.

    If you do not want to back up the entire NDMP resource, select specific files or directories to include in or exclude from the backup job.

    See About including and excluding directories and files for NDMP backup selections.

  6. In the Properties pane, under Destination, click Device and Media.

  7. In the Device list, select a storage device.

  8. In the Properties pane, under Settings, click NDMP.

  9. Select the tab for the type of NDMP server that you use, and then select backup method and other backup options that you want to use for this job.

    See NDMP backup options for NetApp/IBM/Fujitsu.

    See NDMP backup options for EMC.

    See NDMP backup options for providers other than NetApp/IBM/Fujitsu and EMC.

  10. Do one of the following:

    • Start the backup job.

    • Select other backup options from the Properties pane, and then start the backup job.

Backing up NDMP resources