Best Practices for IDR

The following table presents best practices when using IDR.

Table: Best practices for IDR



Remote IDR

To perform disaster recovery on a remote computer, you must purchase the Remote Agent separately, and it must be running on the remote computer.

Creating Bootable Media

Review the following recommendations before you create bootable media:

  • Always verify that the *.dr file was created in the alternate data path that you selected.

  • When creating a bootable tape, run the Intelligent Disaster Recovery Preparation Wizard and create the bootable image before you run a full backup.

  • When creating a bootable CD, run a full backup before you create the bootable media.

  • If the backup media resides on another Backup Exec media server, select the option Choose a media server that has the IDR Option installed on the first Intelligent Disaster Recovery Preparation Wizard screen.

  • For local IDR, backup-to-disk folders must be on a drive or drives that can be accessed for recovery.

Disaster Recovery

  • The new partition layout must be the same size or larger than the original.

  • Have the latest RAID, SCSI, or NIC (if remote) drivers available on disks.

Best Practices for IDR