Viewing usage details

The Desktop Agent Status view provides a summary of information on both local and network disk space that is used to store your data.

The following additional usage details and a grooming function are available in the Usage Details dialog box:

  • Total disk space currently used on the network and desktop computer to store your backup data.

  • Quotas, or maximum allowed storage space that can be used to store your data on the network and desktop computers.

  • The disk space available on the network and desktop computer for storing your data.

  • An option to immediately delete old revisions and deleted files.

  • Links to additional information and help.


The link to usage details is only available when the Desktop Agent is idle. It is not shown when a job is running.

To view usage details and groom files

  1. In the Tasks bar, under Views, click Status.

  2. In the Status pane, under Usage Summary, click Details.

  3. Review the usage information, and take the appropriate actions as required:

    See Usage Details.

Viewing usage details