Troubleshooting the Desktop Agent

If you have questions about the Desktop Agent, review the following information to find answers.

Table: Desktop Agent questions and answers



Do I have to install Backup Exec on every desktop I want to protect?

No. You must install the Desktop Agent on every desktop you want to protect. It is not necessary to install Backup Exec.

I installed the Desktop and Laptop option, but I do not know how to install the Desktop Agent on users’ computers.

The Desktop Agent can be installed by running the installation program from the share where DLO is installed. Or, it can be push installed using the Backup Exec installer.

The Desktop Agent installation program is located in a share where you installed DLO. This share will have a name in the following format:


Using Windows Explorer, browse to this share from the desktop that you want to protect with the Desktop Agent. Run Setup.exe from this share. You must be an administrator on the desktop to install the Desktop Agent software.

Symantec recommends that DLO administrators run the Configuration Wizard to familiarize themselves with the application.

Can I install the Desktop Agent on Windows Servers or media servers?

Because the Desktop Agent is designed to protect user data rather than critical server data, it cannot be installed on Windows Servers or media servers.

I am receiving the following error while authenticating through the Desktop Agent to the media server: “Failed to Initialize database. 0x800A0E7D”

You tried to connect to the media server with an account that is not in the same domain as the media server, or in a trusted domain. For DLO to function properly, the media server must be in a Windows Domain.

I have a desktop and a laptop computer protected by the Desktop Agent. Why can’t I move my laptop to a new Storage Location?

When a user has multiple computers running the Desktop Agent, all backup data is stored in the same network user data folder. If you want to move your data to a new Storage Location, you must move the entire network user data folder for all of your computers to that new location.

I am trying to synchronize files between my desktop and laptop computers, but I cannot see my other computer in the Synchronization View in the Desktop Agent.

To synchronize data between two computers, the same user account must be used when running the Desktop Agent on each computer. For example, the user Domain\MyUser must have backed up data on Computer A and Computer B in order for synchronization to take place between these two computers.

If you are sure you have backed up data while running the Desktop Agent under the same user account on both of your computers, select Refresh in the Desktop Agent’s Synchronization View to make the synchronization selections available. If this is not successful, Exit from the File menu and restart the Desktop Agent application.

What files or folders can I synchronize between my computers?

Any data that is backed up by a backup selection is eligible for synchronization. These backup selections may be defined by the DLO Administrator in the profile or in a backup selection that was created with the Desktop Agent.

I would like to share my synchronized data with my co-workers. How can I do this?

The Desktop and Laptop Option does not provide functionality for sharing files between users. Synchronization is designed to share files between a single user’s computers.

Troubleshooting the Desktop Agent