Restore options

The Restore dialog box lets you determine how to handle restored files.

See Restoring files by using the ClientApplicationName.

Table: Restore options



Restore to the original folders on this computer

Restores files and folders to their original location.

Redirect the restore to an alternate folder on this computer

Restores files and folders to an alternate folder on the same computer.

Preserve folder structure

Restores the data with its original directory structure. If you clear this option, all data (including the data in subdirectories) is restored to the path you specify.

If file already exists

Determines what to do if a file that you want to restore already exists.

You can choose one of the following:

  • Do not overwrite

  • Prompt

  • Overwrite

Restore deleted files

Lets you restore files even though the source file has been deleted.

Preserve security attributes on restored files

Preserves security information in restored files.

You may need to uncheck this box to successfully restore a file if the source file security conflicts with the destination security. Unchecking this option causes the security information to be removed from the restored file.

Restore options