Restoring files and folders from the DLO Administration Console

The administrator can restore files and folders to a desktop computer from the DLO Administration Console.

DLO does not restore a file to its original location if the file is in use by another application.

If DLO encounters a file that is in use, you can do one of the following tasks to restore the file:

  • Schedule a time to restore the file. The file is restored after the computer restarts. You are not notified when the file is restored.

  • Log on to the desktop computer with an administrative account. After you log on with an administrative account, run a restore job to overwrite the locked file and restore it.

  • Close the file in the other application.

  • Restore the file to an alternate location.

To restore files and folders from the DLO Administration Console

  1. On the DLO navigation bar, click Restore.

  2. In the Computer pane, click the desktop from which the data to be restored originated.

  3. In the Backup Folder pane tree view, select the folder containing the files you want to restore.

  4. To restore the entire folder, check the folder in the Backup Folder pane.

  5. To restore specific files, check the files in the File Version pane.

  6. If multiple versions exist for a file, select the file version you want to restore.

    When a desktop user deletes an original file, the backup files are retained until the file grooming process deletes them. If an original file has been deleted, but backup files are still available, the icon for the file includes a small red ‘x’.

    See About file grooming in DLO.

  7. In the task pane, under Restore Tasks, click Restore files to open the Restore dialog.

  8. Select the appropriate options, and then click OK.

    See Restore options.

  9. Click OK.

    If you customize NTFS permissions or directory attributes, such as compression or encryption for files or folders, you must reapply these settings after restoration. If you use a password for your PST file, you must reset the password after restoring your PST file.

  10. In the Restore Summary dialog box, review the selected restore settings, and do one of the following:

    • Click Print to print a copy of the restore summary.

    • Click Restore to continue with the restore.

  11. Click OK when the restore job completes.

Restoring files and folders from the DLO Administration Console