About using local accounts on desktop computers

If you log on to your desktop with a local account, the Desktop Agent prompts you for your user name and password for your domain account.

You should consider the following information when you use local accounts on the desktops that run the Desktop Agent:

  • You can use a set of domain credentials with one local account. If you use more than one local account on a desktop or laptop computer, you should either disable DLO for other accounts or have unique domain credentials for each account.

    See Alternate Credentials options.

    For example, if you usually log on to the desktop computer as “myusername”, you should have a domain account to use for DLO with this account. If you also occasionally log on as ‘administrator’, DLO can be disabled when you are logged on to this account. Alternately, you can provide a unique set of domain credentials to use for DLO when you are logged on as “administrator”.

  • Multiple users of the same desktop computer can all use DLO. However, they must provide unique credentials for the desktop computer and unique domain credentials for connection with the Desktop Agent.

  • DLO does not support the Fast User Switching feature of Windows XP.

About using local accounts on desktop computers