How to configure DLO

Before desktop users can back up data, you must set up the following options in the following order:

  • Create a profile. A profile determines what files are backed up, when the files are backed up, and the level of interaction the desktop user has with the Desktop Agent.

    See About DLO profiles.

  • Determine where you want to store user data on the network. DLO requires an individual user data folder on the network for each desktop user.

    See About DLO Storage Locations.

    See About managing Desktop Agent users.

  • Create an Automated User Assignment to automatically assign a Storage Location and profile to new users, or configure new users manually.

    See About Automated User Assignments.

You can set up DLO by using the Desktop and Laptop Configuration Wizard, or by setting options manually. The DLO configuration wizard provides a series of wizards that help you set up DLO in the correct order.

How to configure DLO