User Activity Settings options

You can set the default options that determine how DLO handles user activity.

Table: User Activity Settings options



Enable user activity restrictions

Determines how DLO performs tasks when users interact with their desktop computers. User activity is based on typing and mouse movement.

Limit network bandwidth usage to

Indicates the maximum network bandwidth that DLO can use when the user interacts with the desktop computer.

Restrictions will be removed when there has been no user activity for x seconds

Indicates the number of seconds of user inactivity after which DLO will no longer restrict jobs.

Maximum scanner items per second

Indicates the maximum number of items that you want to be processed per second during a file system scan.

File system scans occur on the following occasions:

  • During the first backup of a desktop computer,

  • After an abnormal system shutdown

  • When the change journal is truncated.

This setting reduces the impact of the scan on the desktop computer while the user is active.

User Activity Settings options