About backing up Lotus Notes NSF files incrementally

The following types of Lotus Notes NSF Files can be backed up incrementally:

Table: NSF files that can be backed up incrementally

File Name




Notes\Data directory

Contains saved bookmarks and Welcome Page information.


Notes\Data directory

This file contains contacts, connections, locations and Personal Address Book information.


This is an email archive file. Email must be archived to be incrementally backed up by DLO. See Lotus Notes documentation for additional information on archiving email.

When a file is backed up incrementally, there is no progress indicator in the Desktop Agent Status view, and only one revision is retained.


When a DLO profile is configured to limit the bandwidth usage during data transfer to the network user data folder, bandwidth is not limited during the incremental transfer of Lotus Notes NSF files.

Lotus Notes must already be installed before the Desktop Agent is installed. If Lotus Notes is installed after the Desktop Agent, you must run the Desktop Agent installer again to repair the installation. Additionally, if Lotus Notes is open during the Desktop Agent installation, Lotus Notes must be restarted.

Lotus Notes email files can only be backed up incrementally with DLO if the emails have been archived. Once emails are archived, the resulting archive file can be backed up incrementally. See the Lotus Notes documentation for information on archiving emails.

Deleted Lotus Notes email files are not backed up.

See Configuring the Desktop Agent for incremental backup of Lotus Notes files.

About backing up Lotus Notes NSF files incrementally