About using DLO with other products

The following are known compatibility issues:

Table: Compatibility issues



Symantec Storage Exec

Symantec Storage Exec is a policy-based storage resource manager for controlling file and application disk usage in Microsoft Windows environments. DLO and Storage Exec are compatible, but care must be taken to avoid conflicts between DLO backup selections and Storage Exec policies. If DLO is configured to back up a specific file type and Storage Exec is set to prevent this file type from being copied to the server, a conflict will result. DLO will try to back up the file, but the operation will fail. The DLO history log will indicate that the file failed to copy to the network user data folder.

To prevent this conflict, DLO backup selections and Storage Exec policies must be reviewed to identify any potential conflicts. If a conflict is found, the policies must be manually revised to eliminate the conflict.


When DLO runs concurrently with WinCVS, permission denied errors are sometimes generated when checking out source. You can avoid this by excluding any directories that are named cvs when you use global excludes or backup selection excludes.

Windows XP Service Pack 2

If you use Windows XP with Service Pack 2, you must enable file sharing to use the browse button in the DLO Administration Console Restore view.

PGP Desktop 8.1

When running DLO with PGP Personal Desktop 8.1, you cannot create a mounted drive or unmount a drive which is in a DLO Backup Selection unless DLO is turned off.

About using DLO with other products