Upgrading From NetBackup Professional to DLO

The NetBackup Professional (NBUP) to Desktop Agent upgrade is only available for NBUP customers running version 3.51.20 or later. If you are not running 3.51.20, consider upgrading your NBUP server and clients before upgrading to the Desktop Agent.

This mechanism installs the Desktop Agent onto desktop computers that are currently running the NBUP client. You can remove the NBUP client when installing the Desktop Agent or leave the NBUP client installed and run both applications concurrently. The two options appear as separate upgrades in the NBUP Console, so you can remove NBUP from some profiles and continue to run NBUP for other profiles.

The upgrade from NBUP to DLO requires the following additional components that are distributed with the Desktop Agent install set:

  • A DLO Client (Remove NBUP).VPK file. It contains instructions and an executable to upgrade the system to DLO and remove NBUP at the same time.

  • A DLO Client (Leave NBUP).VPK file. It contains instructions and an executable to upgrade the system to DLO and leave NBUP installed but increment the version number so that it appears NBUP was upgraded.

DLO supports versions 2.7 and 2.8 of Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC). However, MDAC 2.8 is the default. If a non-administrator logs on first after the MDAC 2.8 installation, the process generates a number of errors. To avoid these errors when MDAC 2.7 is already installed, you can force the use of MDAC 2.7. Modify the package.ini file in the Upgrades folder. In the package.ini file, add REQUIREDMDACVERSION=”2.7″ to the DefaultRuleXML line.


DefaultRuleXML=<MSIPropertiesAppend>TRANSFORMS=”%%%%LANG_FILE%%%%” REBOOT=ReallySuppress LAUNCHCLIENT=”0″ REQUIREDMDACVERSION=”2.7″ </MSIPropertiesAppend><MSIPropertiesFile>setup.ini</MSIPropertiesFile>

To upgrade from NetBackup Professional to DLO

  1. Contact Technical Support to receive the NBUP to Desktop Agent upgrade. The required files are DLOAgent_LeaveNBP.vpk and DLOAgent_RemoveNBP.vpk.

  2. From the NBUP server, or any computer with the NBUP console installed, launch the appropriate file; DLO Client (leave NBUP).vpk or DLO Client (remove NBUP).vpk. The file uploads the upgrade package to the NBUP server. Repeat this process for the other vpk file to make both the leave and remove NBUP options available for selection in various profiles.

  3. Create a folder entitled DLOAgent in C:\Program Files\Veritas NetBackup Professional\Upgrades, or in the appropriate location if you installed NBUP in a location other than the default.

  4. Copy the entire contents of the DLOAgent share on the media server into the DLOAgent folder on the NBUP server.

  5. Launch the NBUP Console.

  6. Open the profile properties.

  7. On the Upgrades tab, select the appropriate upgrade (leave NetBackup Professional or remove NetBackup Professional) and enable it by checking the Enable this upgrade check box. Select the other options you want for this upgrade.

  8. Repeat step 1 through step 7 for each NBUP Profile you want to upgrade to DLO.

  9. Follow the standard procedure for upgrading NBUP (“Check for upgrade now” in the console or refresh the client). See the NetBackup Professional Administrator’s Guide for additional information.

    If the Desktop Agent installation is successful, the NBUP version number in the NBUP administration console changes to one of the following numbers:

    • for the computers that still have NetBackup Professional installed

    • for the computers on which NetBackup Professional was removed

Upgrading From NetBackup Professional to DLO