About the DLO Overview view

The DLO Overview view provides two options; the Getting Started view and a System Summary.

The Getting Started view provides convenient links to help you set up and manage DLO.

From this view, you can perform the following tasks or access the help that is associated with them:

  • Deploy the Desktop Agent

  • Set preferences and default settings

  • Manage alerts and notifications

  • Run reports

  • Create a profile

  • Create a Storage Location

  • Create an Automated User Assignment

  • Add users

The following information is available in the System Summary overview:

Table: System Summary options



Last Backup Result

Summarizes the completion status of the last operation that was performed on each computer that is protected by DLO.

Totals are provided for the number of computers that completed the last job in the following categories:

  • With Errors – The last operation was completed, but errors were generated.

  • With Warnings – The last operation was completed, but warnings were generated.

  • Canceled – The job was canceled or refreshed by the user during the job.

  • Successful – The job was successfully completed without warnings or errors, and it was not canceled or refreshed by the user during the job.

Errors take precedence over warnings, so if there are both errors and warnings, the last backup result is With Errors.

Pending Jobs

Lists restore jobs that were requested by the DLO administrator and that have not yet run.

Active Alerts

Lists the alerts that DLO administrators have not cleared by the and the alert grooming process have not yet removed. Alert grooming is managed from the Backup Exec Administration Console.

Server Status

Lists the status of each DLO server.

Server status can be one of the following:

  • Running

  • Stopped

Server Load

Lists the number of desktops that are being protected by DLO and the total number of installed Desktop Agent users. These numbers may not be the same if some users protect multiple computers with DLO. Both online and offline users are counted.

About the DLO Overview view