About the -Update Command

The -Update command is used to list, add, remove, and publish Desktop Agent updates.

See About updating DLO.

Use the following syntax:

DLOCommandu -update [ -list | -add | -remove | -publish ]

The following subcommands allow you to list, add, remove, or publish updates:

Table: -Update subcommands



-List [-A|-UI <update id>]

Lists settings for previously used updates.

-Add -F <file name>

Adds an “update definition file” to the updates list and assigns it a unique update ID number. The update ID number is used when the update is published with the -publish command.

-Remove [-UI <update id>|-A]

Removes a file or files from the update list.

-Publish [-R] -UI <update id> [-P <profile name>|-PI <profile id>|-U <user>]

Makes the specified updates available to users. Users can be identified by using the following options:

-P Profile name

-PI Profile RecordID. To obtain the profile RecordID, run the -listprofile command.

-U User name

Use the following command options:

Table: -Update command and subcommand options




Updates all

-F <file name>

Specifies a text file that contains update records

-U <user name>

Specifies a fully qualified user name, such as Enterprise\JFord

-P <profile name>

Specifies a profile name

-PI <profile id>

Specifies a profile record id


Designates to unpublish

-UI <update id>

Specifies an update record id


Wildcard matches (*) are permitted in profile, Storage Location, and user names. Quotation marks are required around names if the name contains a space or colon.

The following examples show you how to use the command options:

Table: Command option examples

To do this



List published updates

Lists settings for all published updates

DLOCommandu -update -list -A

List details of a specific update

DLOCommandu -update -list -UI <updateID>

Add a file to the update list and assign it an ID number

Prepares an update file to be published and assigns it a unique Record ID number. The Record ID number is returned when the following command is executed

DLOCommandu -update -add -f cntlfile.txt

Publish an update to make it available to Desktop Agents

Makes updates available to users. You can specify whether to make this update available to all users, specific users, or users in a profile. You can also use wildcards to specify profile and user names

To publish an update for a profile:

  DLOCommandu -update   -publish -UI <updateID>   -P <profile name>    DLOCommandu -update   -publish -UI 63 -P   yourprofile  

To publish an update for a specific user:

DLOCommandu -update -list -UI <updateID> -U <username>

To publish an update for all users:

DLOCommandu -update -list -UI <updateID> -U *

Remove a file from the update list

Removes a file from the update list. If the file was previously published, it must be unpublished before removing it.

To unpublish:

DLOCommandu -update -publish -R -UI 33

To remove:

DLOCommandu -update -remove -UI 3

About the -Update Command