About the -RenameMS Command

The -RenameMS command is used when a media server has been renamed. Running the RenameMS command updates the installation share, storage location paths, and network user data folder paths. It also notifies each Desktop Agent of the change.

Before you can use the -RenameMS command, you must do the following steps in the order listed:

  • Use the Windows control panel to rename the media server.

    See the Microsoft Windows documentation.

  • Use Backup Exec Utility to update the configuration for the new media server name.

    See the Backup Exec Utility online help.

After you rename the media server and use Backup Exec Utility to update the configuration, you can use the -RenameMS command.

Use the following syntax:

DLOCommandu -RenameMS <OldServerName> <NewServerName>

About the -RenameMS Command