About the -KeyTest Command

The -KeyTest command scans network user data to identify encrypted data that cannot be restored with the current encryption key.

Use the following syntax:

DLOCommandu -KeyTest

Use the following command options independently or in combination:

Table: -KeyTest options




The -f option forces a full scan for all users even if the data has already been validated.


The -quar option quarantines any unrestorable data encountered. Data that cannot be restored with the current encryption key is quarantined in the .dloquarantine folder in the user’s network user data folder. If this option is not specified, the data is scanned and reported but is not quarantined.


The -purge option deletes any previously quarantined data.

The following examples show you how to use the command options:

Table: Command option examples



Check for unrestorable data that has not previously been validated, or that was backed up by an old version of the Desktop Agent:

DLOCommandu -keytest

Scan all data, even if it has been previously validated, to identify unrestorable data. Quarantine unrestorable data.

DLOCommandu -keytest -f -quar

About the -KeyTest Command