About monitoring alerts on the DLO Administration Console

Alerts appear in DLO when the system needs administrator attention. Alerts help the DLO administrator understand the current condition of DLO jobs by displaying information on jobs.

Alerts can be generated to provide general information, or they can be in response to a problem. When an alert is generated due to a problem, the alert contains information about the problem. It may also include recommendations on how to fix the problem.

The DLO Administrator can choose to display all alerts, or to limit the type of alerts that appear.

Active alerts display the alerts that are active in the system and need a response from the operator. Alert history displays the alerts that have been responded to or the alerts that have been automatically cleared from the system.

In addition, the status bar at the bottom of the screen displays an alert icon. The icon that displays in the status bar is for the most severe type of alert in the Active alerts list. Therefore, if the current or most recent alert is not the most severe, the icon in the status bar does not match the icon for the most recent alert in the alert list.

Alerts are filtered by the Desktop Agent to minimize the load on DLO. By default, alerts are limited to one of each type in 24 hours. For example, you will see only one “Local Out of Disk Condition” alert in a 24-hour period from a desktop running the Desktop Agent.


“Backup/Restore complete” alerts cannot be filtered. If you enable these alerts, they are generated each time a backup or restore job completes.

Active alerts that are older than a specified number of days are cleared and moved into the alert history. The alerts in the history are deleted if they have been cleared for more than a specified number of days. When alerts in the history have been cleared for a given number of days, which by default is seven days, they are deleted by a Backup Exec full backup job that backs up and delete files.

If an alert is manually cleared, it is moved into the alert history. Deleting an alert manually removes it permanently.

You can set up DLO to notify recipients when alerts occur.

About monitoring alerts on the DLO Administration Console