Customizing connection policies

The Desktop Agent can be configured to disable or limit backups for certain connection types. For example, if the DLO administrator has granted you sufficient rights, you can choose to disable backups when you are connected by a dialup connection. Then, you can continue backing up when you are connected to a higher speed connection.

When backups are limited by a connection policy, files are backed up to the desktop user data folder. Files are transferred to the network user data folder when connection policies are no longer limiting backups. If the desktop user data folder is disabled, no offline protection is provided.

When connection policies are created using Active Directory settings, and two or more policies match a specific user or computer, the most restrictive policy is used.


One connection policy that matches a specific user or computer disables backups to the network user data folder of all files over 500 KB. A second connection policy that also matches the computer or user disables all backups to the network user data folder. The second policy is used because it is more restrictive to limit all backups than just backups of large files.

To customize connection policies

  1. In the Tasks bar, under Tools, click Settings.

  2. On the Connection Policies tab, select the appropriate options, and then click OK

    See Add/Edit Connection Policy options.

  3. If you selected Active Directory in step 2, configure the Active Directory settings, and then click OK.

    See Active Directory Object options.

  4. Click OK twice.

Customizing connection policies