About modifying Desktop Agent settings

If the DLO administrator has set your profile so that you can view the complete Desktop Agent and modify settings, you can use the Settings view to modify the following:

  • Backup job schedule options

  • Desktop user data folder location

  • Desktop user data folder disk space limits

  • Log file disk space limits

  • Logging level

  • Bandwidth usage

The Desktop Agent continues to use the settings that are specified in the profile until you specifically elect to use customized schedules or options.

You can change Desktop Agent settings and backup selections when you work offline. The settings are stored until you are online, at which time they are automatically transferred. If the administrator has also made changes that conflict with the changes made on the Desktop Agent, the administrator’s changes are used.


Changing settings on one Desktop Agent causes settings to be loaded on other Desktop Agents that use the same authentication. Running jobs are canceled and then restarted.

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