Preparing for a manual push-deployment of the Desktop Agent

Before you try a manual push deployment of the Desktop Agent, you should perform the following steps. These steps are not necessary when you use the Backup Exec push installer.

Table: How to prepare for a manual push-deployment of the Desktop Agent




Step 1

Locate the following files:

  • *.mst

  • *.cab

  • DLOBuildInfo.ini

  • *.msi

The files should be located in the \\<servername>\DLOAgent directory.

Step 2

Run the msiexec command using the value in setup.ini from the cmdline key as a base:


For a silent installation, replace /qf with /qn. To install without user interaction, but with a display of the installation progress, replace /qf with /qb.

If MDAC 2.7 is used, you must replace REQUIREDMDACVERSION=”2.8″ with REQUIREDMDACVERSION=”2.7″. No other values are valid. The installation fails if the MDAC version on target system is less than the REQUIREDMDACVERSION value.

The specification of the TRANSFORMS property is required. The property affects the installer user interface and the start menu shortcuts. The DLO Agent is installed with support for all eight languages, regardless of which transform is chosen.

See Values for the TRANSFORM property of the msiexec command.

MSI 3 . 1 is required on the target systems. The MSI 3.1 installer is included in the following directory:

  \\<servername>\DLOAgent\  WindowsInstaller-KB893803-v2-x86.exe  

Preparing for a manual push-deployment of the Desktop Agent