Deleting DLO Storage Locations

Before you can delete DLO Storage Locations, you must delete or reassign users and Automated User Assignments that use the Storage Location. The Storage Location that is associated with a user or Automated User Assignment is listed when you select Users or Automated User Assignments from the Setup view.

See Modifying Automated User Assignments.

See Deleting Automated User Assignments.

When a Storage Location is created using an existing share on a remote computer and DLO does not have full computer rights, the Storage Location cannot be deleted from the Administration Console. To remove the Storage Location, first delete the Storage Location share and then delete the Storage Location from the Administration Console.

To delete Storage Locations

  1. On the DLO navigation bar, click Setup.

  2. In the selection pane, expand the file servers list by clicking the ‘+’ next to File Servers.

  3. In the selection pane, click the File Server on which the Storage Location resides.

  4. In the results pane, click the storage location you want to delete.

  5. In the task pane, under General Tasks, click Delete.

  6. Click Yes.

Deleting DLO Storage Locations