About DLO Storage Locations

Storage Locations are locations on network computers where network user data folders are automatically created.

The Desktop and Laptop Option stores each user’s data in the following places:

Table: Locations where user data is stored



Desktop user data folder on the user’s computer

Provides protection and restore capabilities even when the computer is disconnected from the network.

Network user data folder on the network

Provides an additional level of protection, and enables the files to be backed up to secondary media when the server is backed up.

When a user is automatically added to DLO using an Automated User Assignment, a network user data folder is created in a Storage Location as specified in the Automated User Assignment. If network shares already exist for desktop users, they can be specified as network user data folders when users are manually added to DLO. If existing network shares are used as network user data folders, Storage Locations are not used.

DLO supports the use of hidden shares (for example; “Share$”) as Storage Locations on NTFS volumes or as network user data folders for FAT32 volumes. However, you cannot create them with the DLO Administration Console. They must be created and configured manually.

See How to use hidden shares as Storage Locations.

About DLO Storage Locations