Add/Edit Connection Policy options

You can limit or disable backups based on the connection type.

Table: Add/Edit Connection Policy options



Connection Type

Indicates the type of connection for which you want to limit or disable backups.

You can choose one of the following connection types:

  • Dialup

    Limits or disables backups when using a dial-up connection .

  • IP address range

    Limits or disables backups for a specific IP address range.

    Specify whether you want the connection policy to apply to computers that are or are not in the IP address range you specify.

    Select IPv6 or IPv4 and enter the IP address range for the connection policy.

    IPv6 addresses are only supported on Windows XP and later operating systems. IPv6 addresses are not enforced for Desktop Agents running on Windows 2000. An additional connection policy using IPv4 addresses may be desired for Desktop Agents on Windows 2000 computers.

  • Active Directory

    Limits or disables backups using Active Directory. Select Configure to configure the Active Directory settings.

    See Customizing connection policies.

Disable network backup

Prevents users from backing up to the network user data folder. Backups continue to the desktop user data folder.

Disable network backup for files greater than

Prevents users from backing up files larger than a specified size based on the connection type. Enter a files size in KB.

Limit network bandwidth usage to

Restricts the usage of network bandwidth to the specified value. The value must be entered in KB/sec format.

Enforce policy according to scheduled window

Causes the connection policy to apply only during the specified period of time.


Lets you set the time during which the policy will be in effect. Schedules can be set to run weekly or for a specific date range.

Add/Edit Connection Policy options