Creating a new DLO profile

New profiles can be created to meet the specific needs of desktop users, and to support the existing IT environment.

To create a new DLO profile

  1. On the DLO navigation bar, click Setup.

  2. In the Settings pane, click Profiles.

  3. In the task pane, under Settings Tasks, click New Profile.

  4. On the General tab, enter a name for the profile, and set bandwidth settings, storage limits, and the desktop user data folder path.

    See General options for a profile.

  5. On the Backup Selections tab, select the backup selections that you want to apply to users of this profile.

  6. On the User Settings tab, configure the level of interaction that desktop users can have with the Desktop Agent.

    If an individual user changes the user settings, the changes apply only to that user.

    See User Settings options for a profile.

  7. On the Schedule tab, select the frequency with which you want data to be backed up..

    See Schedule options for a profile.

  8. On the Options tab, select logging options and mail options.

    See Options for a profile.

  9. On the Connection Policies tab, click Add to add a new connection policy

    See Add/Edit Connection Policy options.

  10. Click OK.

Creating a new DLO profile