Add Global Exclude Filter options

You can exclude specific files, folders, and types of files and folders.

See Specifying files and folders to exclude from all DLO backups.

Table: Add Global Exclude Filter options




Determines which files or folders are excluded. You can use a file name, wildcard, or macro for the files you want to exclude.


Wildcard: *.tmp

File name: pagefile.sys

Macro: %WINDIR%

When using wildcards, you must use the asterisk (*) wildcard. For example, *.tmp returns all results with the .tmp extension while .tmp returns only files explicitly named .tmp.


Lets you select the types of files to include or exclude.


Indicates a description of the global exclude.

Apply to

Indicates whether this global exclude should apply to files, folders, or both files and folders.

Add Global Exclude Filter options