About configuring global exclude filters in DLO

DLO global exclude options enable you to do the following:

  • Specify the attributes of files that you want to exclude from all backups.

  • Specify files that you do not want to compress, encrypt, or back up with Delta File Transfer.

  • Exclude attachments to emails or specific email folders from backup.

Global excludes apply to both Profile backup selections and user-created backup selections for all Desktop Agent users who back up to the media server on which the excludes are configured.

Excluded files are listed in the following locations:

Table: Location of excluded files


Location of excluded files

Desktop Agent

On the Include/Exclude tab in the advanced view.

DLO Administration Console

On the Include/Exclude tab for a profile’s backup selection.

Items that are configured for the global exclude list are not available for selection on the selection list.

When you add a global exclude, all previous backups that match the global exclude are deleted when their retention period expires. You set the retention period when you set up backup selections.

See Adding backup selections in the Desktop Agent’s advanced view.

In the following circumstances, the backups are deleted immediately during the next maintenance cycle:

  • The retention period is set to 1 day.

  • The default value is used for the time between maintenance cycles. The default value is 24 hours. If you change this value, it affects file retention for all files.

    See Changing default DLO global settings.

Information about how to configure global excludes is available.

See Specifying files and folders to exclude from all DLO backups.

See Excluding email from all DLO backups.

See Excluding files and folders from compression.

See Excluding files and folders from encryption.

See Excluding files and folders from Delta File Transfer.

See About using DLO macros to define global excludes.

About configuring global exclude filters in DLO