About Automated User Assignments

Automated User Assignments are instructions that are applied when the ClientApplicationName is first run on a desktop. The Automated User Assignment assigns a profile and network user data folder to each user who is automatically configured by DLO. These settings can be changed from the DLO Administration Console at a later time if necessary.

If a user is added manually to DLO, the DLO administrator selects a Storage Location and a profile. The Automated User Assignment is not used.

See About managing Desktop Agent users.

Automated User Assignments are assigned to desktop users based either on their domain and group, or using Active Directory settings. Because users may match the criteria for more than one Automated User Assignment, the Automated User Assignments are prioritized. When the Desktop Agent runs for the first time, the user’s domain and group credentials are checked against those of the Automated User Assignment. The Desktop Agent checks the credentials starting with the highest priority assignment. When a match is made, the share and profile that are specified in that Automated User Assignment are assigned to the new user.

If you modify Automated User Assignments, users who have already been configured are not affected. Only new users who are configured with the Automated User Assignment use the new settings.

See Changing the priority of Automated User Assignments.

About Automated User Assignments