Requirements for the Deduplication Option

The requirements for the Deduplication Option vary depending on whether you use deduplication storage folders or OpenStorage devices. Before you install the Deduplication Option, you should determine what type of storage devices you want to use with it. Then, verify that your system meets the requirements for the storage devices you want to use.

Table: Requirements for the Deduplication Option

Type of storage device


Deduplication storage folders

The following items are required:

  • A 64-bit media server.

  • A media server with either one quad-core processor or two dual-core processors.

  • A dedicated volume to use as the location to store the deduplication storage folder.

  • 8 GB RAM, which supports up to 5 TB of deduplicated data. For more than 5 TB of data, use the following calculation to determine the required amount of RAM:

    1.5 GB x N, where N = the number of TBs of deduplicated data to be stored. Up to 16 TB of data is supported.

    Example: Use the following equation to calculate the required amount of RAM for 10 TB of data:

    1.5 x 10 = 15 GB RAM

OpenStorage devices

To use a Symantec PureDisk device or a storage device from another vendor as an OpenStorage device, you must purchase the device and the appropriate OpenStorage connector from the device’s vendor.

You can use the Deduplication Option with OpenStorage devices on either a 32-bit media server or a 64-bit media server. The standard system requirements for Backup Exec apply to the Deduplication Option when you use OpenStorage devices.

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