About the Deduplication Option

The Backup Exec Deduplication Option supports a data-reduction strategy by optimizing storage and network bandwidth. The Deduplication Option supports integrated deduplication at the Backup Exec media server and on remote computers that have the Remote Agent for Windows Systems installed. It also allows data to be deduplicated and stored on intelligent disk devices from Symantec and other vendors.

Table: Types of deduplication

Type of deduplication

Where deduplication occurs


Media server deduplication

On the Backup Exec media server.

Reduces the size of backups, which reduces storage requirements.

Client-side deduplication

On the remote computer where the data is located.


The Remote Agent for Windows Systems is required on the remote computer to perform client-side deduplication.

Reduces network traffic because only unique data is sent across the network. It also reduces the backup window.

Appliance deduplication

On an intelligent disk device, such as Symantec PureDisk or a device from a third-party vendor.

Reduces the size of backups, which reduces storage requirements. It also reduces the backup window.

With a single Deduplication Option license key, you can use two types of deduplication devices.

Table: Types of deduplication devices that work with the Deduplication Option

Type of device


OpenStorage device

Backup Exec uses Symantec’s OpenStorage technology, which allows intelligent disk devices to integrate with Backup Exec. You can back up data to the Symantec PureDisk device and to storage devices from other vendors.

You can find a list of compatible devices at the following URL:


See About OpenStorage devices.

Deduplication storage folder

A deduplication storage folder provides integrated deduplication on the Backup Exec media server. A deduplication storage folder is a disk-based backup folder that is located on the Backup Exec media server. It is similar to a backup-to-disk folder.

See About deduplication storage folders.

In addition to reducing storage requirements and network traffic, the Deduplication Option lets you do the following:

  • Copy deduplicated data from an OpenStorage device or a deduplication storage folder to tape for long-term or off-site storage.

  • Use optimized duplication, which lets you copy deduplicated data between OpenStorage devices from the same vendor and between deduplication storage folders.

  • Use Symantec’s Granular Recovery Technology (GRT) with jobs that use deduplication devices.

  • Share OpenStorage devices and deduplication storage devices among multiple media servers when you use the Central Admin Server Option or the SAN Shared Storage Option.

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