About optimized duplication

Backup Exec supports optimized duplication, which enables deduplicated data to be copied directly from one OpenStorage device to another OpenStorage device from the same vendor. For example, you can copy data from one Symantec PureDisk device to another Symantec PureDisk device. If you use the Central Admin Server Option, you can also copy data from a deduplication storage folder on a managed media server to a deduplication storage folder on another managed media server. The data is copied over the network, thereby avoiding the Backup Exec media server. Because the data is deduplicated, only unique data is copied between the devices.


Optimized duplication is not available for backup sets that are enabled for Granular Recovery Technology.

Optimized duplication is available for OpenStorage devices from selected vendors. You can find a list of compatible devices at the following URL:


To copy data between OpenStorage devices, you must create a duplicate backup job. The destination device for the duplicate job must be the same type of device from the same vendor as the device that was used in the source backup job. You can restore data from either device.

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