General OpenStorage device options

You can set the following options for an OpenStorage device.

See Adding an OpenStorage device.

Table: General OpenStorage device options




Indicates the name of the device. If you do not provide a name, Backup Exec automatically creates a name after you select the server type.


Indicates the fully-qualified name of the server on which the device exists.

Logon account

Indicates the name of the logon account that is required to access the device.

Server type

Indicates the type of OpenStorage device.

Logical storage unit

Indicates the logical storage unit that you want to use. Backup Exec locates all of the logical storage units that are on the device and displays them in the list. You can select a logical storage unit from the list or type the name of one.


This option does not appear for Symantec PureDisk devices.

Allow x concurrent operations for this device

Indicates the number of jobs that you want to run at the same time on this device.

General OpenStorage device options