Advanced OpenStorage device options

You can set the following options for an OpenStorage device.

See Adding an OpenStorage device.

Table: Advanced OpenStorage device options



Low space threshold

Indicates the number at which Backup Exec suspends the job when the low space threshold is met.

Allow backup data to be sent directly to this device

Enables a remote computer that is configured as a Remote Agent for deduplication to send data directly to the device. By using this option, the media server is bypassed, which leaves the media server free to perform other operations.

If the OpenStorage device supports client-side deduplication, then this option enables Backup Exec to perform client-side deduplication. Note that client-side deduplication is CPU-intensive.

If you enable this option, you must also do the following in backup jobs:

  • Select resources on the remote computer as a backup selection.

  • Select the OpenStorage device as the destination for the backup job.

  • Select the Use client-side deduplication option.

    This option appears in the Device and Media pane on the Backup Job Properties dialog box.

See About client-side deduplication.

Split data stream every

Indicates the size at which you want Backup Exec to span to a new image. The default size is 50 GB.

Data stream chunk size

Indicates the size of a single write operation that Backup Exec issues. The default size varies based on the type of device that is being used.

Enable stream handler

Indicates whether stream handler is used. Backup Exec sets this option automatically when you select a server type. For some types of devices, this option does not appear at all. If Backup Exec does not set this option, contact the device’s vendor for the recommended setting.

Advanced OpenStorage device options