About OpenStorage devices

OpenStorage is a Symantec technology that allows intelligent disk devices to integrate with Backup Exec.

You can find a list of compatible devices at the following URL:


Some intelligent disk devices can include multiple logical storage units. However, each logical storage unit is added as a single OpenStorage device. When you add an OpenStorage device, Backup Exec can automatically locate the logical storage units on that device.


When you delete or erase the media from an OpenStorage device, it may take up to 48 hours for more space to become available. Backup Exec cannot always calculate the amount of space that will be made available.

After you add a deduplication storage device, it appears in the Devices view. However, an OpenStorage device does not appear in the All Devices device pool. An OpenStorage device cannot belong to any device pools to prevent a deduplication job from being sent to a non-deduplication device in a device pool if the OpenStorage device is busy.

If you use Backup Exec Central Admin Server Option or SAN Shared Storage Option, an OpenStorage device can be shared between multiple media servers. Sharing can be enabled when you add an OpenStorage device. You can select new media servers to share an OpenStorage device or remove the sharing ability for media servers at any time.

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