Disaster Recovery in CASO

Use the Symantec Backup Exec Intelligent Disaster Recovery (IDR) option to protect both managed media servers and the central administration server in a CASO environment.

See About using IDR with the Central Admin Server Option.

Before implementing the IDR option in a CASO environment, review the following:

  • In a CASO environment, all disaster preparation files (*.dr files) created for each managed media server are centrally located on the central administration server.

  • To create recovery media for any managed media server or central administration server, the IDR Preparation Wizard must be run at the central administration server. Or if running on remote administration environment, connect to the central administration server.

  • If you want managed media servers to be protected using a bootable tape image, you must run the IDR Preparation Wizard at each of the managed media servers where a bootable tape device is installed.

  • For CASO, two options appear on the Welcome screen when the IDR Preparation Wizard is run on a managed media server.

    These options include the following:

    • Yes, create the bootable tape image now.

      See Creating a bootable tape image.

    • No, connect to a central administration server – If a bootable tape drive is not detected on a managed media server, only this option appears.

  • You must locally back up and restore a central administration server.

Disaster Recovery in CASO