Pausing a managed media server in CASO

You can pause and resume a managed media server from the central administration server.

Pausing a managed media server prevents the central administration server from delegating jobs to it. When paused, the managed media server’s status changes from Online to Paused, and is reflected as such in the Media Server Status column of the Results pane.


When installing Backup Exec options at a managed media server, the managed media server must be paused, so that no further jobs are delegated to it from the central administration server while the installation process occurs. If jobs are running, let them finish or cancel them before beginning the installation.

To pause a managed media server

  1. On the central administration server’s navigation bar, click Media Servers.

  2. Select the managed media server you want to pause or resume.

  3. In the task pane, under Media Server Tasks, click Paused.

Pausing a managed media server in CASO