Installing the CASO central administration server

Before you start the installation, review the information about the location of device and media data.

See How to choose the location for CASO device and media data .

During the installation of the Managed Media Server feature, you are prompted to keep the managed media server’s device and media data either on the central administration server or in a database on the managed media server. Your choice affects how you can manage jobs in the CASO environment.

To install the Central Admin Server Option (CASO), install the central administration server first, and then install the managed media servers.

To install the central administration server

  1. Install Backup Exec and CASO on the server that you want to be the central administration server.

    See Installing a custom installation of Backup Exec.

  2. Enter the CASO license key when the prompt appears.

  3. After Backup Exec and CASO are installed on the central administration server, start Backup Exec and verify that the Media Servers view displays on the navigation bar.

  4. From the Media Servers view, verify that Central Administration Server displays in the Media Server Type column for the media server on which you installed CASO.

  5. On the task pane, under Media Server Installation Tasks, click Configure managed media server defaults.

  6. On the Managed Media Servers Defaults dialog box, choose the settings that you want applied to each new managed media server that you install.

    See Setting defaults for managed media servers.

  7. Install a managed media server.

    See Installing a managed media server from the central administration server in CASO .

Installing the CASO central administration server