About Enterprise Vault services for the Archiving Option

Symantec Enterprise Vault technology is the foundation for the Archiving Option. When you install the Archiving Option, some Enterprise Vault services are also installed. The Enterprise Vault services that run on the media server use the same credentials as the Backup Exec service account.

The following Enterprise Vault services are installed on the media server:

  • Enterprise Vault Admin Service

  • Enterprise Vault Directory Service

  • Enterprise Vault Indexing Service

  • Enterprise Vault Storage Service

  • Enterprise Vault Task Controller Service

You must always use the Backup Exec Services Manager on the media server to update your Backup Exec credentials. The Backup Exec Service Manager automatically updates the Enterprise Vault service credentials with the same credentials.


Use of the Windows Services applet to edit the credentials of an Enterprise Vault service or a Backup Exec service is not supported. The use of this applet can leave the Archiving Option unsynchronized with the Backup Exec service account credentials. Errors can occur during the archiving operations.

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About Enterprise Vault services for the Archiving Option