Vault store properties

You can edit the vault store properties.

See Editing or viewing vault store properties.

Table: Vault store properties




Displays the name of the vault store where Backup Exec stores archived data. You can edit this field to change the name.


Do not name a vault store with the same name that is already in use by an Archiving Option component, such as Fingerprint Databases or All Partitions. A vault store that has the same name as another Archiving Option component can cause errors when you make backup selections. Backup job or restore job failures can also occur.


Displays a description of the vault store. You can edit this field to change the description.

Database name

Displays the name of the database that is associated with this vault store.


Displays the following states:

  • Available

    Archive jobs can send data to this vault store.

  • Being deleted

    The vault store is in the process of being deleted. Archive jobs cannot send data to this vault store.

  • In backup mode

    A backup or restore job is running for the vault store.

Item deletion mode

Designates when to delete archived items from their original locations.

You can choose to delete the item immediately after it is archived or delete it after the vault store is backed up. If you delete an item immediately after it is archived, the item is deleted from its original location after the archive job has successfully completed.

See About deleting archived data from its original location.

Archive Count

Displays the number of archives that the vault store contains.

Total size

Displays the total size of all of the items that are archived in the vault.

Vault store properties