About vault stores in the Archiving Option

A vault store is a disk-based container for the archived data that Backup Exec archives from one server. When you create an archive job, you select a vault store as the device to which you want to send the archived data. A vault store contains at least one vault store partition that is the physical location where the archived items are stored. You can create additional vault store partitions for a vault store when it requires more disk space.

Each vault store has an associated database. The database holds information about the archives in the vault store and all the items that are stored in each archive. For example, when an item is archived, the vault store’s database is updated with this information. Single instance storage-related information is contained in the fingerprint databases for all of the vault stores.

The following vault store properties let you manage the deletion of archived items:

You can back up vault stores and their associated databases, along with other Archiving Option components.

See About single instance storage of archived items.

See About backing up Archiving Option components.

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About vault stores in the Archiving Option